About Us

“Fashion fades, but the style is eternal”

Welcome to ALS WATCHES !

ALS WATCHES has been in the retail and wholesale trade of extremely luxurious and elegant watches for men and women. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the most exquisite, best prices, most varied selection of watches and finest services. ALS WATCHES has and always will be to earn more satisfaction and trust of our valuable customers. We understand the meaning of providing value for money and so always ready to assist people with the right products to every corner of the world. Our success over the years is attributed to our extremely loyal commitment to our customers. So whether you’re our new customers or are a valued repeat customer, we’re always here to make your shopping experience reliable, easy and fun. 

What’s ALS WATCHES all about?

We’ve been in this industry for the past many years and have been delivering the premium men and women’s watches at extremely affordable prices. We’ve established this platform to offer peace of mind and convenience of buying delicate, affordable and timeless watches to the watch lovers around the globe. You can select from our varied collection of beautiful, elegant, and fashionable watches for all occasion. 

Our Team

ALS WATCHES is not an overnight dream, but it’s a drive of a passionate bunch of amazing people. Yes, we’re a small group of watches collectors from Barcelona who decided to sell the luxury watches by famous brands that we like the most. It’s our passion for beautiful wrist watches which have united us to buy watches not for the sake of business by for our satisfaction and love for them. We’re an online store with a dedicated team who have great experience working and dealing with luxury watches. 

ALS WATCHES is based on elegance, affordability, and convenience for people. ALS is the acronym of Affordable Luxury Store and we aim to provide people with an option to buy beautiful, and premium quality watches with affordable prices. 

What We Offer?

ALS WATCHES distribute quality branded watches for men and women. We assure you what we offer is top in quality in terms of material and warranty. We’ve good working relations with big brands like Megir, Lige, Bobo Bird, and Chronos Wellington, and the list goes on. The reason why we distribute watches of these brands is quality is excellent, and prices are extremely affordable. You can get the best quality watches for less than $90. 

Our Mission

Obsessively designed to make a bold statement, we aim to offer watches you can match your style. Every watch collection has a distinct look and quality you can feel and flaunt. 

Our Vision

Our behaviours must deliver industry-defined standards in everything we do ensuring our valuable customers honour us by making ALS WATCHES their first choice, each and every time. 


 Core Competencies

Classy Men and Women always deserve class. So, find out the most wanted men’s and women’s watches online and upgrade your style and fashion sense- the one you deserve. 

   · 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Our struggle to achieve 100% satisfaction from our customers keeps us motivated. Our staff knows how to keep customers satisfied with their fullest and never give a chance of any complaint. 

   · Committed to Excellence:

We are committed to excellence and falling back to our commitment is considered wrong in our business dictionary. So, need not worry about the services and products we offer because we can’t compromise on our excellence.

   · Free Worldwide Shipping:

We offer our valuable customers with a free worldwide shipping option so that they can enjoy our products in every corner of the world. 

   · Customer Support:

In an unfortunate condition, if you somehow don’t satisfy with the product, contact our customer support. They will help you until you get entirely happy or get the solution to a problem. 

So shop with us, we will wait for you.